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Four organizations of the SCC came together in 2008 to conduct a confidential salary survey with their collective membership.
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Spiritual Care Collaborative - Summit 09 Archives

Summit ’09

Gratitude Expressed
When the SCC Steering Committee over two years ago committed to a joint Summit in 2009, it did so with the goal to highlight the association participants’ common efforts on behalf of the SCC Mission to “actively collaborating to advance excellence in professional pastoral and spiritual care, counseling, education and research.” We believe our common planning efforts, led by George Henry Grant, PhD, the Chair of Summit ’09, was truly an exercise in mission fulfillment. We envisioned the Summit as an opportunity for persons of multiple disciplines to share in inspiration and learning, and build new networks on behalf of our disciplines. We are deeply grateful to George and the planning teams for their energy, wisdom, and collaborative spirit. They embodied the best of our mission.

Materials Available
We have posted here for both registrants who were there in person and to the wider interested community resources that were created for Summit ’09. You will find in these archives hundreds of photographs, copies of handouts and presentations of the workshops according to permission, and how to order audio and video presentations of plenaries and workshops. We hope these will serve the broader professional community.

Furthering Professional Collaboration
As we continue to review the responses from so many of the 1800 conferees from around the globe, we will determine how best to encourage ongoing networking among and between professionals in our respective associations. We were deeply impressed with the many new professional relationships that were established between plenary and workshop presenters and those who participated in their sessions. These relationships in themselves are wonderful outcomes of the Summit. Please feel free to contact the SCC Steering Committee with any news of how you  have furthered those relationships for the benefit of our professions.

With our ongoing commitment to a future of health and hope,

- The SCC Steering Committee

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